May 23, 2014

The Waldorf Salad

I love salads but having the option to enjoy a vast variety of salads
is a luxury!?!  because -  wouldn't it be REALLY boring
to eat the same old garden salad  ALL.THE.TIME. ?

I am fascinated by all the combinations of salads
that one can create and of course eat and enjoy!

Among the many different types... there is the Waldorf salad.

The original Waldorf salad was made of fresh apples, celery
and walnuts tossed in mayonnaise.
It was served as a light meal at the Waldorf Hotel in NYC.
Oscar Tschirky the Maitr d' created it along with creating
Hollandaise sauce with Lemuel Benedict that is used in Eggs Benedict.

The Waldorf salad is often the topping to a bed of greens.
As technology and everything else that is evolving-  so has this salad.
There are often grapes or raisins or dates added to the salad  along with
it often being tossed and mixed with plain yogurt instead of the mayonnaise.
Some restaurants will substitute the celery with cauliflower and call it
the Emerald's  Salad rather than the Waldorf Salad.

Feel free to cut you apples in slices or just dice them.
To keep the apples from browning it's best to squeeze juice from a lemon.

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