May 16, 2014


SUPER EASY make at home Tiramisu with all the flavor!

Tiramisu is an Italian dessert that can be a little tedious and tricky.
Especially the heating/cooking of the egg whites.
Here is a way to get the rich and delicious flavor of Tiramisu
done easy and pretty much hassle free.

Similar to a lasagna, Tiramisu is a layered dessert.
It starts with the 'lady fingers'. You can use pound cake as well,
but I highly recommend just purchasing the lady fingers.

The ingredients you will need are  --->
a package of lady fingers
a small tub of mascarpone cheese 
whipped cream
strong espresso (about a cup)  decaf is ok too!
cocoa powder
instant coffee (for garnish - optional)
chocolate bar (for shaving - garnish)

Once you have all the ingredients ready, you want to start with taking
the mascarpone cheese and adding some whipped cream.
(start with about 3 heaping tablespoons)
The whipped cream helps to soften, lighten and make the cheese fluffier.

The next step is  to dip the lady fingers individually into espresso coffee.
(Use decaf if you are concerned about the caffeine)
I like to dip only the bottom half of the lady fingers so that it's not too soggy.

You can layer the coffee dipped lady fingers first or you can put
a dollop of the mascarpone first - it really doesn't make that big of a 
difference especially since you are going  to lick the bowl/glass clean. 
I mean eat it all dainty like a fant-cee lady or gentleman!
In between the layers of the lady fingers and cheese, you can 
add the cocoa powder and or instant coffee using a wire sifter...
you know, so it can be dusted on.

It's best when you shave some chocolate on top as well.
Coffee dipped fluffy cake, chocolate and sweet cream.
How does one not like Tiramisu!?!

Ironically, the original recipe for Tiramisu did not have egg whites or any liquor.
I like to think this super easy recipe is not about taking a short cut but
bringing it back to old school.... the way it was first made back in the 
late 1960s  in Veneto, Italy.

During a recent Personal Chef Dinner -
the 4 couples decided on Tiramisu as  their dessert
and I recall them raving over the flavor!

SO goodSO easy,  Let's Cultivate Food