August 19, 2014

Bell peppers with hummus

Have you ever had hummus?
You know, the paste made from chick peas.

You can buy hummus that is already made but
you can simply make it yourself as well.

Just take a can of chick peas and blend it until the texture
is smooth.  Add a heavy drizzle of olive oil after you have
blended it. Make sure you rinse the chick peas or anything inside
a can for that matter except soup of course.
Could you imagine if someone tried to rinse soup!?!

What's great about making your own hummus is that
it's fresher, you can add whatever herbs or seasonings
you desire and it doesn't have preservatives or other chemicals
in it so it's much healthier!

You can add all sorts of things to hummus.  Here are a few examples-
garlic, dried onion pieces, nutmeg and thyme,  sun dried tomatoes, 
a little bit of pepper flakes to spice it up or even a few drops of sriracha sauce...
you really can add whatever you would like to season it up, especially
since plain hummus is as dull and boring as it can get!?!

You can dip all kinds of veggies and crackers and chips into hummus
or you can pipe it through a small zip lock bag onto veggies just like 
these green and orange bell peppers above.  It can be a SUPER easy dish
at a bridal shower or a healthy backyard bbq item!  

The combinations of color and patterns just in bell peppers are endless
but imagine what you could create with other veggies and crackers as well!

Zestfully Let's Cultivate Food.........  day 19 of 31 days