December 12, 2014

Kimchi fried rice in Vietnamese summer rolls

I often enjoy foods that are fusion.
When it's either an ingredient or a technique
known to a certain region, country or area.

These rolls are a fusion of Korea and Vietnam.
Kimchi (fermented spicy napa cabbage) is a staple
side dish of Korean cuisine. Rice that is boiled
and made almost into a porridge like texture,
then laid on bamboo trays/baskets to make sheets
of rice paper is a Vietnamese wrapper.
Have you ever noticed the texture or pattern
on these rice paper sheets prior to being soaked in water?
Yup! that is from being laid on bamboo.

I took some kimchi fried rice and cut Romaine lettuce
(cut chiffonade- ribbon like)  and filled the rice paper.

This is very easy to do and what's super convenient is
that you don't need any other seasonings or sauces
with this roll because the flavor is in the spicy kimchi fried rice.

Zestfully Let's Cultivate Food