April 27, 2015

Bacon wrapped dduk

Dduk  is made from rice.
It comes in many different forms
sweet and plain. Dduk is a Korean word.
Sometimes you might hear it being called
Mochi which is simply Japanese.

The rolled out cylinder shapes are often
associated with a street food called Dduk-bok-gi.
Dduk / Rice cake is cooked rice that is rolled out and
then made into many different shapes.
They can be used as a protein because they are really
hearty.  You will have a hard time just eating one skewer.

Of course when you add bacon to it...
it makes it even better. Bacon. Enough said right?

These are SUPER easy to make.
Purchase some dduk (rice cake)
that is in the cylinder shape. (already cut that way)
Take the bacon strips that are not cooked and cut it into thirds.
Wrap the bacon around the rice cake and use a wooden skewer
or a toothpick and skewer 2  together.

Turn your frying pan on medium high and cook until
the bacon is crispy. (about 3-4 minutes on each side)
You don't have to add any oil because of the oils from the bacon
will be more than enough.

It's best when you drizzle a little sweetened soy sauce on top
right before eating!

Sweetened soy sauce is soy sauce with a drizzle of any sweetener.
You can also  garnish with some chopped scallions too.

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