March 11, 2011

Chicken Tikka Masala

chicken breasts (about 1 breast per person)
1 small plain yogurt (enough for 2-3 breasts)
1 heaping handful chopped up cilantro
1 Tbs ground cumin
1 Tbs ground coriander
4 Tbs masala powder
2 garlic cloves (grated)
1 inch of ginger (grated)
1 small can tomato sauce (not spaghetti)
3-4oz. of heavy cream (small carton 6 or 8oz.)
good with 1 cup basmati rice
and with naan (Indian bread)

Ingredients for MASALA rub :
mix equal parts (1 teaspoon of each spice)
ginger, cumin, coriander, paprika,
turmeric, salt, cayenne (or chili powder)

1. soak wood skewers in water
(at least 20minutes to prevent burning)

2. if not cooking on the grill skip step 1 cut chicken into 1 inch cubes

3. marinate with 1/2 handful chopped cilantro, masala dry rub & yogurt

4. skewer cubes & grill or broil in oven as chicken is cooking-make the sauce

5. add a little oil, grate the garlic & ginger, stir in ground cumin & coriander
(separate from rub) let the garlic, ginger, cumin & coriander toast a little

6. add the tomato sauce & cream

7. add remaining 1/2 handful of cilantro & turn off stove

8. take chicken out from oven/grill..... toss in sauce