January 4, 2012

Fresh, Healthy Spinach and Mushroom Salad

Right before the 17 degree weather hit us here in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-USA
I felt the urge to make a summery salad.  I know salads are not just for summer but
adding the blueberries, avocados and cherry tomatoes just gave it a summery feel.

 I simply used Spinach as the base of my salad rather than lettuce.
The other ingredients were mushrooms sliced thin and lots and lots of them!

I also added carrots for the crisp crunch factor. I sliced the carrots pretty thin as well and
the bright color makes it look appealing as well.  My brother is known for eating on nice
dinner plates almost every night because he says the food tastes even better
when it is plated nicely. It is quite true how they say a good portion of food is about
the way it looks, especially since we see with our eyes before eating it.
Then you have those people who literally smell every thing before eating
which I don't completely understand, but that's a whole another thing.

The fresh, plump blueberries were sweet and delicious to add to the salad.

 Cherry tomatoes are usually my... go-to for salads, I think because of the friendly bite-sized size.

 I also added little cubes of avocados and topped it with some steak that I flash fried
in the frying pan with just some salt & pepper for taste.

For the salad dressing, I simply mixed Olive Oil, Italian Seasonings
(the dried ones that literally say... Italian Seasonings) and a drop of white vinegar.
Very simple but easy and pretty tasty!
Now, that it's barely 20 degrees... I guess it's time for some soups maybe.