October 16, 2011

Matzo Ball Soup

Have you ever gone to a Jewish Deli and ordered Matzo Ball soup?
Just like anything in life- especially when it comes to food-
once you know how or what it is, making it can become a lot simpler.
You start off with a "mirepoix"  aka Holy Trinity
in French cooking of celery, carrots and onions.

I like to use chicken broth as my soup base. As far as the Matzo balls, you can simply
purchase a box of Matzo Ball Mix.

The directions on the back of the box is quite simple-  but it's basically adding eggs and oil.
After you mix the mix around with a fork- it is important to put it in the refrigerator for at least

10-15 minutes. (by doing this- it starts to slightly harden the matzo balls
which makes for easier molding). As the mix is chilling in the refrigerator-
you can be boiling your broth of mirepoix.
I like to Asian Fusion it up and add a few drops of Soy Sauce instead of adding salt.
(noodles are optional but I like to add some noodles-
I usually boil the noodles separately or first in the pot before the mirepoix.
(celery, carrot & onions) Once the matzo ball mix is ready-
you can mold them like the way you would meatballs.
Toss them gently into the already boiling pot.
1 packet of mix usually gives me about 5 matzo balls.
The key and tip with cooking the matzo balls all the way through
is to put a lid on your pot and let them cook in the hot steaming broth  for 12-15 minutes!
(no more than 20 minutes) Matzo Ball soup has become a comfort soup for me.
Yum.Matzo Ball Soup